Common Bathroom Problems And Renovation Ideas 

It often happens that when we renovate our homes, we tend to neglect our bathrooms, and this is the point where the entire renovation project should actually start. Your bathroom should be treated as an oasis, a safe haven where you relax and recharge your batteries after a hard and stressful day at work. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the entire home, and it certainly deserves some spoiling and pampering! Here are some of the main bathroom problems and how you can address them with some modern and attractive bathroom renovating ideas:

1. Fix Poor Lighting With Shower Lights 

Exquisite shower lighting certainly seems to be the next best thing in 2014. Not only will it add some special effects to your shower or bath and make it stand out from the rest, but it will also address the problem of poor lighting. Not all bathrooms are fitted with a beautiful chandelier that offers an even and pleasant light, and if this applies to your bathroom as well, then built-in shower lights are certainly a great choice. Besides this, you will also keep up with the ever-changing bathroom renovation trends!

2. Underfloor Heating – A Modern Solution For Cold Bathrooms

There is nothing more unpleasant than stepping out of the shower or tub after a hot and relaxing bath and realising that you are freezing in your own bathroom. Although the vapors can slightly heat up the bathroom, it is the tiles and the flooring that keep it constantly cold. A cold bathroom can be great during the summer, but it can also be the recipe for catching a cold during the winter. With that in mind, underfloor heating is certainly a great investment for warming up your bathroom. Besides, your feet will also be thankful for the pleasant warmth they feel when they touch the floor!

The underfloor heating system does not influence the type of flooring that you can choose, as long as it is durable and water resistant. In most cases, people opt for properly sealed hardwood floors, due to their pleasant and natural look, but you can also choose marble, ceramic and even stone tiles, as they will all be heated up equally. 

3. Elegant Fixtures For An Outdated Bathroom

Do you feel that your bathroom needs a “fresh start”? If so, then you can always choose to replace the blocky and space-consuming cabinet vanity with a beautiful pedestal sink, or upgrade your old shower cabin to a claw-foot bath tub that combines the traditional yet graceful lines with modern elements. The possibilities are endless, and if you ran out of ideas, then you can always count on a home renovation magazine to be your endless source of inspiration.

These are some of the most popular bathroom renovating ideas, but you can also opt for high-quality quarts vanity tops, open shelving that is perfect for small bathrooms, under mount sinks or floating vanities that hang from the wall. For all these modern and practical upgrades and for many others, you can contact a trustworthy company that offers bathroom renovation in Wellington.